The Little Things

Louis is 7 years old and he’s living with his grandparents in South of France.
And it’s time for him to face those things that makes you grow up.

You are 7 years old, again

*"The Little Things"* is a room scale VR short movie focusing on perspectives and point of views.
Through Louis' eyes, you will see the world as you used to experience it when you were little.
And from few others that only virtual reality can make it possible.

The new film of Bandits collective

Directors Thomas Batlle and David Calvet brought to VR their inner love, memories and colors from South of France.
Experience summer's warmth and hand painted picturesque environments.


The short movie The Little Things will come soon.
A 5" minute pilot is making its journey through festivals.
Fantoche Film Festival (Switzerland)Klik Festival (Netherlands)Finalist in "Best Expanded Animation" at the British Animation Awards (United Kingdom)Animateka (Slovenia)Animest (Romania)


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